White Water Rafting

Day trip: $140
Full Day Overnight: $235
2 & Half Days Trip: $583
5 Days Trip: $974
National Park fee to be paid in cash: $10

Hammer your way through infamous rapids, whose names were conjured to instill fear and trepidation into would-be rafters, “The Terminators”, “The three Ugly sisters”, “and the Washing Machine. Our experienced guides will steer you on an unforgettable ride through the formidable rapids of the mighty Zambezi.

If low water (August - December) you will start your 26km journey over 19 rapids most of which are grade 4 or 5. Higher water rafting (usually Jan-mid/end March and again June-July) may clip some rapids and overall distance of about 18km.

You will not only be enjoying the adrenaline pumping thrill of this exceptional activity, you will also marvel at the stark, sheer beauty and tranquility of the breathtaking Batoka gorge.

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