Elephant Ride
River Safaris $100
The adventure-filled stories about the mighty Zambezi River in Africa are legendary, many an intrepid traveler has dreamed about exploring this magnificent river.

Now you can discover the best of the Zambezi aboard specially designed boats that cross rapids with ease and yet operate in water as shallow as 20cm, making access to amazing parts of the Zambezi, which were previously out of reach possible. Enjoy the thrill of speeding over rapids, then slowing down for a leisurely birding and river wildlife safari around the islands on the Early Morning, Lunch or Sunset Safari.
Bridge Swing
African Queen Cruise $75
Experience the wonders of nature on a  luxurious Zambezi River Cruise.

The impressive African Queen has  a triple deck 70-foot catamaran and the slightly smaller, but equally luxurious, African Princess. Both offer the charming combination of panoramic views of the mighty Zambezi River and gracious hospitality – creating unforgettable Morning, Lunch and Sunset Cruises.
Gorge Swing
Microlight FlightUSD 179 + USD 6 aviation fee

A magnificent flying experience over the spectacular Victoria Falls. Our exhilarating Microlight flights offer breathtaking views of the Victoria Falls and the spectacular gorge that the Zambezi River has carved into the surrounding landscape over many thousands of years. This is an experience not to be missed… you may even feel like you have been kissed by an angel as you fly through the ‘smoke’ of the Falls.